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To simply say your brand needs a presence on social media would be about the biggest understatement one could ever make. It is vital that you not only have a presence on social media, but that you know how to properly navigate the various social channels out there. And there’s only one proven way to do that: get a social media expert. Here are three reasons you need to do just that:

1. Time

  • Do you have time to develop a content calendar with content optimized for each social network? Do you even know what that means or how to do it? A social media expert does.
  • Do you understand the optimal times to publish content across social networks? Understanding exactly when these optimal times are ensures the highest customer reach and engagement.
  • Taking the time to complete and analyze reporting so you gain a strong understanding of:
    • Content performance across social networks
    • What’s driving clicks to your website
    • Your audience
    • Industry trends and conversations that will inform future content development
    • Industry influencers in which you can develop a content sharing relationship with

2. Expertise

  • A social media expert knows how to optimize your content for each social network. They know the secrets and tricks to posting to each network. They know the content and type of language that performs best. And they have the resources and time to stay on top of the trends and constant changes social networks make like:
    • Instagram post links are not clickable.
    • Twitter only allows 140 characters, yet Direct Messages can exceed the 140 character count
    • The SEO value of a Google+ post
    • The longevity of Pinterest content

3. Brand Awareness

  • Once your brand has mastered the Time and Expertise criteria, awareness and website traffic will greatly improve as a result. You’ll find your investment in getting the right experts to be well worth it.

What do you think? How is your social media team making an impact for your brand? Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

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