Atlanta Advertising AgencyWhen it comes to your marketing dollars, you need to ensure every penny is being put to use in the most efficient, effective way. Yet many companies are making strategic, creative and media buying decisions on their own with out the help of unbiased, seasoned experts. And they’re missing out on many opportunities to spread their message because of it.

To ask your internal teams to become experts in social media, traditional advertising, email marketing and digital marketing is, quite frankly, an unrealistic expectation. By simply outsourcing those needs to experts outside your walls, you’re not only harnessing the collective knowledge of skilled professionals, you’re freeing up the time of your internal teams to focus on other pressing matters.

Outsourcing your marketing efforts will benefit your business in three major categories:


  • It is expensive to employ professionals with expertise in the various marketing categories
  • By outsourcing your marketing needs to an agency, you’re able to bundle your marketing dollars and efforts while gaining the expertise of specialists in each marketing channel


  • Outside experts have the tools and experience to properly identify
    • Who’s engaging with your brand
    • What content is getting traction
    • What the best medium may be (Social media? Email marketing? Television? Something else?)
    • How your target is consuming information (Desktop or mobile? Print or broadcast?)
  • You do not have to spend the money or time to purchase social listening tools and provide the training on them to identify what people are saying about your brand


  • Agencies have entire teams specially trained to concept, develop and execute compelling marketing materials
  • You have an entire team of researchers, creatives, media buyers, account executives and project managers with specific expertise at your fingertips

Very few brands have the capacity to have all these experts on staff and in house. But when you engage with an agency partner, you’ll have all that and more.

What do you think? Have you experienced the benefits of using an agency? Do you think your brand is too small to have one? Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter and share your thoughts.


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