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To simply say your brand needs a presence on social media would be about the biggest understatement one could ever make. It is vital that you not only have a presence on social media, but that you know how to properly navigate the various social channels out there. And there’s only one proven way to do that: get a social media expert. Here are three reasons you need to do just that:

1. Time

  • Do you have time to develop a content calendar with content optimized for each social network? Do you even know what that means or how to do it? A social media expert does.
  • Do you understand the optimal times to publish content across social networks? Understanding exactly when these optimal times are ensures the highest customer reach and engagement.
  • Taking the time to complete and analyze reporting so you gain a strong understanding of:
    • Content performance across social networks
    • What’s driving clicks to your website
    • Your audience
    • Industry trends and conversations that will inform future content development
    • Industry influencers in which you can develop a content sharing relationship with

2. Expertise

  • A social media expert knows how to optimize your content for each social network. They know the secrets and tricks to posting to each network. They know the content and type of language that performs best. And they have the resources and time to stay on top of the trends and constant changes social networks make like:
    • Instagram post links are not clickable.
    • Twitter only allows 140 characters, yet Direct Messages can exceed the 140 character count
    • The SEO value of a Google+ post
    • The longevity of Pinterest content

3. Brand Awareness

  • Once your brand has mastered the Time and Expertise criteria, awareness and website traffic will greatly improve as a result. You’ll find your investment in getting the right experts to be well worth it.

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Your Facebook is posting, the tweets are flying and your videos are streaming. But what are you getting out of them? How are they performing? Are your impressions up? How should you tweak your social marketing efforts to engage more people? If you’re analyzing your social media, you know the answers to all these questions. If you’re not, you’re probably missing out on many opportunities.

When it comes to marketing, there is no magic bullet – especially when it comes to social media. But when you incorporate analytics, you can:

  • Better understand your target audience and demographic information like gender, age groups, where they reside and more.
  • Track engagement to determine the type of content that is resonating and performing well with your audience.
  • Adjust your content strategy to create more impressions for your brand.

marketing analyticsSo how do you do this? One easy and effective tool is Google Analytics. With just a few clicks, you can see what ads and social networks are driving the most traffic to your website. You can also track your bounce rate to determine if your landing page is truly supporting your social content and advertising.

But let’s not forget the power of people. Chances are good that your brand has dozens, if not hundreds, of brand advocates and industry thought leaders. Reach out to them. Start engaging. Grow a social media relationship with them. Let their trusted voice tout your brand’s virtues.

By simply analyzing your social media content, you’re giving yourself a leg-up on your competition. This real-time information not only enables you to adjust your current content, but also gives you the ability to optimize your future content in a meaningful, effective way to gain more impressions.

And that’s the goal, after all.

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We live in an information age. And not just basic info. We’re talking targeted, content-rich information. People are demanding. They want what they’re looking for now. Immediately. And they get it on their computers at work. Their tablets during lunch. Their smartphones while standing in line at the grocery store. So how can your brand compete in this over-saturated information age? According to an article released earlier this year in Marketing Tech Blog, video marketing is the answer.

Here are a couple highlights:

  • 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video
  • 65% of video viewers watch more than ¾ of a video
  • Using the word “video” in email subject lines boosts open rates 19%, CTR rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%

So this begs the question: Do you have a YouTube channel for your brand? If you don’t, you need to get started. A basic User Channel or a Brand Channel are absolutely free. And a Custom Brand Channel is very affordable and gives you even more flexibility. Once you have one, the sky’s the limit. Your emails will have more power. Your website will generate more traction. And your message will reach more people.

Let’s face it, attention spans are short. People don’t read marketing materials like they used to. Call it edutainment. Call it branded content. Just be sure to call it yours.

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*Video credit to Ian Marceca, Motion 3D Content Specialist at The Partnership.

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