the power of infographicsIt’s been said the average person is exposed to 5,000 marketing messages each day. That’s a lot of stuff. So how do you expect people to remember your brand’s message – especially if it’s complicated information? One proven way is by using an infographic.

Simply stated, an infographic is a visual representation of information or data. It could be a chart, a graph, or even a diagram. They’re easy to understand and hold much more appeal than paragraph after paragraph of copy. Let’s look at what makes infographics so powerful.

They’re Visual

  • Enables you to easily display complicated information.
  • Allows a large volume of information to be quickly conveyed.
  • Delivers information in a visual, memorable way.

They’re Shareable

  • Internally, infographics can be can be incorporated across all communications materials including blogs, emails, social media and print.
  • Externally, infographics are eye catching and can be shared across social media. Considering images are the top form of media shared across social media, infographics can generate a lot of buzz. And, if you include a link, you’ll be able to generate more website clicks and higher SEO value as your content is shared.

They Prove Thought Leadership

  • When people see your well thought out, well-designed infographic that presents complicated information in a digestible manner, your brand influence will increase as will your thought leadership image within your industry.

You know your brand. And you know what you want to say. Why not say it in an infographic?

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