Some say that social media is starting to wane in popularity. Others say it’s about to rise to new levels. And there’s data to support both points (go figure). But one thing is for certain: as long as there is a media channel that people go to, marketers will try to reach potential consumers on it. Here are seven things to watch out for in 2015:

1. The rise of Ello

elloYes, it appears as if Facebook may have some competition. Yet they promise an ad-free experience and to never sell users’ information to third parties. Hmmm, sounds interesting. Let’s see what marketers have to say about that…

2. Increase in Facebook ad pricing and demand

square-facebook-512As Facebook continues to lose post reach due to the “Filtered Feed Problem”, demand for promoted posts and ads is rising – along with their pricing. And by all indicators, we’re only going to see more of the same.

3. Twitter’s new business ad model will gain popularity

twitter-icon-png-13So far, Twitter’s testing of a new fee structure to allow businesses pay of certain performance-based actions rather than just retweets or clicks is gaining traction. This will give small and medium business owners much more flexibility.

4. Google+ will fade awayGoogle-Plus-Icon


5. Instagram will become essential for image-based social marketing

Instagram_icon320x320Again, duh. With 200 million monthly users and counting, the rise in photo and video sharing, and the fact that marketers tend to like to show their products, this one is a no-brainer.

6. LinkedIn will be “the” B2B social network

LinkedinRight now, LinkedIn is slightly behind Facebook but has a small lead over Twitter with B2B folks according to the 2014 Social Media Examiner survey. But that appears to be changing as LinkedIn gains even more momentum. Besides, most companies don’t care to read your post about what you had for dinner last night.

7. Social media marketing will finally receive its rightful place as a key component of content marketing


As more marketers realize the importance of content marketing, they’ll also realize the importance of distributing that content to their consumers efficiently and effectively while expanding their reach.


So what do you think? Will these come true or are these predictions just another sip of the social kool-aid? Time will tell.


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