advertisingWhat’s the best way to advertise your brand? Maybe you should go the tried and true traditional route with print ads, television spots and billboards. Then again, this digital revolution of websites, banner ads and mobile apps seems like a viable choice. But let’s not forget about all the social media options out there. Confused yet? Relax. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when determining the best advertising channels for your brand.


When it comes to targeting a specific audience, you definitely want to look at your digital options. Digital advertising allows you to deliver your message to the exact person you’re trying to attract at the exact moment they’re ready to receive the message. If you know precisely who you’re trying to reach, digital is a fantastic place to start.


If brand awareness is your goal, then you need your brand to be seen. A lot. Social media is a great way to get your name out there to a very large pool of people. The numbers are astounding: 157M Facebook users, 75M Instagram users, 65M Twitter users, and 47M Pinterest users. Yes, that’s a lot of people. And here’s the cool thing: they share things they like with their networks. The next thing they share could be your brand. Add in some print ads and television spots and you’re talking to your target audience in the places they’re spending their time.


In some cases, geo-targeting is the way to go. Newspapers and magazines are excellent mediums to reach people in a certain geographic location. So are digital and social advertising. All can be focused to certain regions, cities, and sometimes even zip codes.

While there is no magic bullet that works for all brands, these guidelines should help you reach your target audience more effectively. Over time, you’ll figure out what performs best and you can further focus your advertising efforts.

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