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We all know talking to a business is far different than talking to a consumer. Yet so many companies create business-to-business marketing materials that bear little difference from their business-to-consumer pieces.

They’re wasting time and money.

Simply stated, B2B buying decisions are more logical whereas B2C buying decisions tend to be more emotional. Since these “passion points” are so different, your marketing efforts to each audience should be, as well.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when marketing to each audience:

B2B Marketing

  • The audience can be more technical so including more features and details about your product or service is key
  • Provide specific information, market insights and business trends to demonstrate your expertise in your field
  • Understand there is most likely a chain of command where purchasing decisions most likely come from manager or director levels

B2C Marketing

  • Taking on a conversational tone while educating and enticing the audience will make your content easily consumable while building trust and confidence in your brand
  • Play to the benefits of your product of service to show how it can enhance your target’s life
  • Your marketing efforts are speaking directly to the person making the buying decision so keep it casual and personal

By remembering these few tips, your marketing pieces will gain more traction and make a bigger impact with your target audience.

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